Sunday, August 1, 2010


While Frank and I were settling into the hospital for the night, our phone rang. Immediately, we panicked, thinking Tyler was having a hard time and thus giving his grandparents a hard time for the night.

Boy were we wrong!

Tyler had been sent upstairs to brush his teeth for the night. In the middle of brushing his teeth, he complained that he had something hard in his mouth... After checking it out, a tooth was found! Tyler lost his first tooth!

Although Frank and I were a bit sad that we were not there to see it for ourselves or to play Tooth Fairy for the night, we were super excited for him! We also could not think of a more appropriate time for something like this to happen. After all, what better sign of growing up is there?

The Tooth Fairy did find her way to our house and left Tyler with TEN DOLLARS! He was so happy to show off his new gap to everyone at the hospital when he came for a visit the next day. I, of course, remember him as the little guy who just started getting teeth!