Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Watch Update...

For many weeks now, I have been going to the doctor for my weekly appointments. For the most part, they are pretty routine. I meet Frank and Tyler there, the nurse (Terry) calls us into the room, she weighs me (I try and hide the number), she takes my blood pressure (I try and relax), I pee into the cup (we try and quiet Tyler's laughter), and she shows me to the examination room.

Like clockwork, after a few minutes, Terry comes back to the examination room and tells me to lay on my left side because, like clockwork, my pressure is elevated. As someone who is very pregnant, this is not comfortable for many reasons. First, I am huge. Second, I am tall and the examination table is not very long. Third, it means having my back to Frank and Tyler. After a few minutes of this position, my pressure is back to a normal level and I am ready to see my midwife, Tina.

This week was not the usual clockwork like the previous few. Tina put the kibosh on work (UGH), hooked me the the non stress test machine, and then sent me to the triage unit at the hospital for tests, and threatened to induce me if any of the signs pointed to Preeclampsia. Of course, while all this is going on, Tyler is watching and listening. So what do I do? Freak out, because that will help calm his nerves.

A few things did go accordingly, though. We found someone to take Tyler, for the night if necessary (really, what were we thinking not having a real plan other than to wait for my parents to get to town tomorrow!), and Tina told us that her sister, Carolyn, was the midwife on duty at the hospital.

Shortly after leaving Tina's office, we made our way home, packed a bag for Tyler, waited for Elaine to pick him up along with her two and her nephew (Saint Mommy is her title for the day) and threw my bags into the car. I called my boss, Linda, and informed her that there was no fighting Tina anymore, I was done at work, and we made our way to Mercy Hospital.

The irony of the situation was that from day one after I found out I was pregnant, I told Tina I did not want to be induced. However, after hearing her say that it may be necessary and taking into consideration how uncomfortable I felt, I did not argue with her despite the fact that the previous 39 weeks I refused to consider another induction a possibility.

However, after all this craziness, we ended up leaving the triage unit after only a few hours of blood work, monitoring, more peeing in a cup (really, isn't there an easier way? I am not a contortionist!), and talking with the midwife, Carolyn. Tests are normal, baby is healthy, and we continue to wait. At least until the next appointment on Friday!