Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking the Monkeys to the Zoo

Throughout Tyler's year at Green Valley Preschool there have been field trips. The kids went to Pop's Pizza, the Pumpkin Patch, and had a visit from the Fire Department. When the permission slip for Lupa Zoo came home, I couldn't volunteer fast enough! I decided that although the field trip was scheduled for the morning, that I would make it a "Mommy and Tyler day" afterwards.

We all met at Green Valley, collected our name tags, got our buddy assignments, and loaded the school bus. I can only hope that next year when it's time to take the bus to school, Tyler is equally as excited! Tyler's assigned buddy for the trip was his friend Aiden. When they loaded the bus, they went right to the back. After all, isn't that where all the cool kids sit? ;)
Across the isle were Olivia and Emily. After all, on the bus, you need some girls to hang with!

When we arrived at the zoo, we listened to the rules and could not wait to go and explore! The boys headed to the bird area first. They explored the peacocks for awhile and then started to move on. However, the peacock decided to open it's magnificent tail and the boys requested a picture together!
We also saw buffalo, giraffes, baboons, and zebras-- the only thing we decided was missing were the elephants. The buffalo was even showing off a bit for us, ramming his head into the fence. It was really exciting!
All around the zoo, there were different spots for pictures. Both Tyler and Aiden stopped to model for each one:
Of course, the best shot of the day was this one of Olivia and Tyler. We decided that it will be a great shot to include in the wedding slide show some day!
After the field trip was over, Tyler and I headed across the street with Olivia and her mom. We enjoyed a great lunch at Mountain View, aka Joe's, Tyler's favorite restaurant. From there, Tyler and I headed to Kohls where we shopped for pajamas, and then to home where we waited for Frank to join our special day. I had a wonderful day with Tyler and look forward to many more in the future!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Grandpy

My Grandpy
by Tyler, age 5

1. I really love it when my Grandpy plays with me.

2. My Grandpy likes to wear dresses.

3. My Grandpy always tells me that he loves me.

4. The best thing he does is watches TV with me.

5. It makes him happy when he watches me play.

6. My Grandpy likes to relax by cuddling with me.

7. I like it when he takes me fishing.

8. The best thing he plays is football.

9. His favorite thing to do is watch baseball, hockey, and football with me.

10. My Grandpy's favorite TV show is football.

11. If he could go anywhere, he would go to Wilbraham.

12. I love my Grandpy because he plays with me.

Happy Birthday, Grandpy! We love you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silent Sunday: Tree Climbing Monkey

Happy Mother's Day

As I sit here on my sixth Mother's Day, I had to reflect about why I love being a mother. Some days it is hard to remember, but even at this moment, as I listen to the kids bicker, I love every minute (okay, some more than others!).

In the middle of the chaos I call my week, I began thinking of what life it going to be like with a newborn and a kindergartner. I can only imagine that things will be even more crazy, but at the same time, there will be even more love in out family, with one more person to give it and to receive it.

So what do I love about being a mom? I love when I come home at night and Tyler runs and jumps into my arms. I love wet, sloppy kisses at night. I love being able to kiss boo boos and make them all better. I love having the best ideas in the world when he is "so bored". I love cuddles on the couch and in bed in the morning. I love being with friends and watching all the kids run around and play together. I love watching him be creative while doing arts and crafts and almost being able to see the wheels in his head turn.

You know what else I love? Trekking up all the stairs multiple times at night because someone is thirsty/hot/needs new music/has a stomach ache. I love being called stupid/baby/dummy. I love the listening to the whining when it is time to get dressed/clean up/leave the house. I love convincing a young child that dinner will not kill him if he tries just a small bite. I love having Tyler's friends over and later discovering that the playroom (which was neat and organized) is not a wreck with no toy left in any bin.

You know what I miss? Getting up every three hours to change. feed, and rock. I miss being peed and spit up on. I miss trying to get ready in the morning while I hold a squirmy little one on my lap. I miss staying up all hours to hang out with friends, knowing that I can make it up in the morning by sleeping late.

The truth though? I may miss all those things but not as much as I love the others. This is my life now and that was my life then. Back then, I was Jennifer, daughter, wife, etc, but now I am Jennifer, daughter, wife, and mommy. Appreciate every day, we all know they fly by and things change faster than we can keep up with.

Enjoy your Mother's Day, every minute.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Conor's First Communion

This weekend, our nephew, Conor, made his First Communion. It seems like just yesterday he was just home from the hospital!
While we waited for Conor to get in his Communion attire, Tyler and Skylar were happy to pose for me. Once again, it seems like just yesterday that they were just brought home from the hospital!

The three cousins, all together. A good looking bunch, if I do say so, myself!
Like father, like son. When I bought Tyler his outfit, he was very surprised that it was for him. He thought that it was for Frank. When I told him that it was indeed his, he was ecstatic! Which made for quick dressing for the occasion. Of course, no opportunity goes by without a pregnant mommy shot:
After a wonderful ceremony in which 40 children received their First Communion, we celebrated at a great party that included family and friends. The kids all had a great time doing crafts, watching a magician and running around.
Congratulations, Conor!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Papa

My Papa,

by Tyler, age 5

1. I really love it when my Papa plays with me

2. My Papa likes to wear clothes

3. My Papa always tells me I love you

4. The best thing he does is play with me

5. It makes him happy when I hug him

6. My Papa likes to relax by sitting on the couch

7. I like it when he lets me, Conor, and Skylar come over to his house

8. The best thing he plays is hockey

9. His favorite thing to do is watch hockey on TV

10. My Papa's favorite TV show is NHL on the Fly

11. If he could go anywhere, he would go to my house

12. I love my Papa because he loves me
Happy 65th Birthday, Papa!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You know it's a good party when...

....the clothes come off, the Slip 'n Slide comes out, and the adults and children are all entertained!

Now you may ask, "Where does one find such a party?" Well, that happens only at a birthday party for a five-year-old and a three-year-old! (Everyone knows that, right?)

Today we went to Olivia and Derek's birthday party and for a gift, they received a new Slip 'n Slide. After most of the guests left, the kids took it for a spin. After all, it was a hot day! However, bathing suits were not on the "please bring" list!