Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life is a Beach

There are so many things that I love about the summer. Barbecues, bonfires, spending time family and friends, traveling, and going to the beach or pool. I decided early on in the summer that a little pregnancy was not going to keep me from doing everything that I love during the summer.

After seeing the weather report for this past weekend, I decided that it was going to be a beach day. So exited! We packed lunch and snacks, plenty of water, toys, chairs, and off we went!

Despite the fact that it was a Saturday, we found a spot right off the water, and settled in. After looking around, there was one thing that we did not see-- clouds!
Tyler immediately took off for the water and Frank followed. After awhile, Tyler was on his own in the water and he did a great job, swimming, diving, and played.

Just to prove that I was on the beach, in a bathing suit.
We had a wonderful day. Came home with a bit of summer color, took time to eat ice cream from the snack shack on the beach, played in the sand, and swam in the ocean. The only problem? The hour plus drive to get there!